Trade Service


Trade Service


Since the beginning, the HSSH did not limit itself to design and manufacture projects in the field of mechanics and hydraulics, but enjoying a technical team of mechanics and electronics engineers cooperating with the marketing team, it tried to play a role in Iran's trade with other countries. Unlike many traders who are professional only in trade and business, The HSSH benefits the knowledge of its technical team supporting the marketing and sales department in market analysis, planning, and offering technical support and help.

Our Sales and Marketing department's focus has been on three main objectives; expanding the market for the HSSH products (Agriculture Machinery and hydraulics) in Iran and neighboring countries, procuring equipment for Iranian companies, and preparing the ground to start acting as agent or distributor for various foreign brands in different fields of mechanics, hydraulics, electronics and energy sector, from small-size equipment to large-size heavy duty machinery.

The business situation in Iran and the region is going through a rapid change, Iran and the main powers have reached a solutions for the long time dispute over nuclear and military disagreements and all the trade, finance, insurance, energy and technology embargos on Iran will be lifted in coming months and the next fiscal year will be a fresh start for our industry and trade. It can be a new page in our relationship with other countries. Given the IranDeal reached in July 2015, we have a chance to start doing business with the international community again, as all the sanctions will be gone by the beginning of 2016. We are sure that in the post-sanction period, Iranian market will be the greatest opportunity for foreign companies seeking market in the fast growing industry of Iran. We do not limit ourselves to just manufacturing, and due to our experience in Iranian and the middle-eastern market, and the contacts we have made here, and also our knowledge about the way business is done here in Iran, we are eager to work with international companies, or act as their agent for sale or distributor in the region or Iran. We are capable of offering technical supports, importing and exporting goods and representing you in the way you always do business.


To discuss any kind of cooperation with the Hydro-Sanat-E-Sharif Company, you can contact Mr. Abbas Tahami.

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