Systematic Project Implementation

The HSSH designs and manufactures various kinds of required projects, has a great deal of technical support for its implemented projects, and offers consultation and supervision for your projects. Having a great team of engineers and technicians graduated from the best universities of middle-east, The HSSH is ready to design, implement and offer a long-lasting technical support for its projects.
Systematic Project Implementation

Trading and importing equipment

The HSSH offers great service for trading technical equipment. Having a long experience in import and export business and using the best trading staff and contactors, it can act as your retailer or representative in the fast growing and promising industry of Iran or Middle-east.
Trading and importing equipment

Designing and manufacturing various kinds of systems in fields of Automation and Mechanics

The HSSH has been active in various fields of mechanics (designing and manufacturing mechanical and hydraulic systems) and electronics (electronics and power). All this precious experience in these fields as the designer and manufacturer has made the HSSH eligible and ready to offer its service to National and International organizations and companies.
Designing and manufacturing various kinds of systems in fields of Automation and Mechanics

Hydro Sanat Sharif Co.

Hydraulic Systems 

Designing, controling and manufacturing hydraulic systems

Servo Mechanism

Designing and manufacturing servo-mechanisms

Automatic Leveling systems

Designing and manufacturing hydraulic and electro-mechanical leveling systems


Trading various fields of industrial products 

Agricultural machines

Designing and manufacturing agricultural machineries


Offering distribution service 

Offering distribution service and acting as the agent to international companies 

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